Racing area

Race Harbour is not the same as Launch Harbour!!
Please check the NoR and the info on website for directions.

Kockums Fritid - Activity Center
Kockums Fritid in the Western Harbour area will be our base during the racing days. The very same base used for the Louis Vouitton Act 6&7 at the 2005 Americas Cup Challenge.

This Center has all possible activities for you to use and will keep your Family busy during the event when you are out racing. You will find Gym, Swimming Pool, Sauna, Massage, Ice scating, Bowling and other sports activities there or why not just go to the beach right there in the sailing area.

After Sail activities and the MidWeek Party will be held here as well.

Western Harbour - The heart of Malmö
The Heart of Malmö and the perfect place to be close to the spectators and the best way to be seen for the Sponsors. You will find many Restaurants and Cafés and the view is magnificent watching the Sound of Öresund.

The Western Harbour is a very small harbour and when we arrive there we will practically fill up the whole place. The sea entrance to the harbour is narrow and therefore it's very important that you respect the directions made in the NoR.