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News Aug 24


The 2010 J24 Worlds Championships – A Success!!

A Great Thank You to all Participants who made such effort to come to Sweden and sail under challenging conditions and made the racing so interesting all the way to the very last day, A Great Thank You to all Officials who made it fair and square racing, A Great Thank You to those Members of MSS who help out along this journey, A Great Thank You to all Media who followed and documented this event, and finally A Great Thank You to all Sponsors who made this happen!!

Marianne Schoke


News Aug 20 18.00
We have received a new link from Magnus Grubb with photos from today. Have a look at the shortcut above "Photo". Open Magnus link and click on "bildspel" in lefter corner and enjoy race 9 and 10.
News Aug 20 16.30
Final results are now available.
Winner is USA 5235, Tim Healy!
Second is GBR5219 Ian Southworth and third is ITA461 Andrea Casale.
Pricegiving ceremony will take place onboard Prins Bernhard in inner harbour in Malmö 20.30 tonight!
News Aug 20 14.45
Preliminary result after all 10 races are now available. Protests are pending.
News Aug 20 14.00
All races (10) have been completed. Race 10 preliminary winner GBR5219 followed by USA5235, ITA461, ARG 5464 and SWE4896. Total result will come a.s.a.p.
News aug 20, 13.30
 Preliminary results after race 9 are now available. Race 10 will soon be reported.
News aug 20, 13.00
Race no 9 preliminary winner BRA37 followed by GBR4245, GBR5219, GBR 4247 and GER 5381. Total result will come a.s.a.p.
News Aug 20, 12.00 Noon
Race 1 is just finished. Preliminary BRA37 winner followed by Ian Southworth.
Result will come a.s.a.p.
>>Morning photos from West Harbour  (also under shortcut "photo" above)
News Aug 19, 20.00
Foto: Magnus Grubb
Tim Healy and crew - leader of J24 worlds 2010 - when 2 races remain
One day left of the Championship and it will be hard for any of the competitors to challange Tim Healy and his crew from USA. Ian Southworth from England have the best chances. But who of them are the best crew in light and moderate winds? 8 races sofar - 2 races to sail. May the best crew win but after a week with hard winds, heavy rain, thunder and lightning all crews and skippers are heroes. Good luck to all.
Weatherforecast for tomorrow: Cloudy with some rain. Maximum day temperatures around 21 degrees Celsius. Light to moderate winds.
We have received a link from Magnus Grubb with photos from today. Have a look at the shortcut above "Photo". Open Magnus link and click on "bildspel" in lefter corner and enjoy race 7 and 8.
News Aug 19, 17.00
The results after race 8 is now available.
News Aug 19, 13.30
Preliminary results after race 7 is now available. Protests are pending
News Aug 19, 12.00 Noon
To the left: Juryboat on its way out to the course, first race 19 aug
To the right: Start Vessel and boats preparing for start
Photo: Vailet Svahn
Very good sailing conditions. Wind s/w 10 m/sec, sunny and approx +20C. First race is ongoing but will soon be finished.
News Aug 18, 16.30
Preliminary results after race 6 is now available. Protests are pending.
News Aug 18, 13.00
 The preliminary results after 5th race is now available, look under Racing on left side.
News Aug 18, 10.00
Total resultlist after race 1-4 is now available.  Here is the >> pdf version.
News Aug 17, 20.30
Final result for race 4 is now available. Also read latest >> press release
News Aug 17, 17.00
Report from races today on >> Anders Nilsson's blogg Öresund regatta
News Aug 17, 16.45
Preliminary results for race 3 and 4 and the total are now available. Protests are pending.
News Aug 17, 14.15
We have had problems to open this page for update. The problem is solved. However we hope that you did find the results, photos and pressrelease yesterday.
Today heavy rain but good sailing conditions. One race finished. Anna Gunnarsson SWE on first place followed by Mattias Garzman GER and Mike Ingham USA. Race no 2 for today is ongoing. We will come back with result a.s.a.p.
News Aug 15, 18.30
Hardly any wind this afternoon, so the warm-up race was postponed 1 hour. Then it was possible to sail a very short track. The forecast for Monday predict some rain after midnight, then partly sun and partly cloudy. A lot more wind to expect, up to 16-20knots, 8-11 m/sec.
News Aug 15, 15.30
55 mm rain yesterday afternoon/evening delayed the program and an extra crane helped with the launching. All boats have left Limhamn and reached Malmö West Harbour. A small marina close to Malmö Centre with famous "Turning Torso" building. Warm-up race is going on. Tonight it is time for the Opening Ceremony at Malmö Town Hall at 7 pm.
Above left: Inlet to West harbour and Malmö sky line with the "Turning Torso"
Above right: Gert Rosén was the Race Officer in charge for the World Championship in Malmö (MSS) in 1983. Still going strong and just arrived home from a 7 week sailing trip in the Baltic Sea together with his wife Margareta.
Foto: Vailet Svahn
News Aug 14, 22.00
All boats and crews have now arrived in Malmö, last was the French participant. They arrived in the worst rain and immediately started with emptying the boat and made it ready for measuring. They had planned to live in tent at the marina, but imagine setting up a tent when the rain is pouring down... No, that would be unthinkable! Instead they are spending the night in MSS clubhouse, warm and dry.
41 boats are cleared for launching. Unfortunatelly we got really heavy rain after 4 o'clock this afternoon and they had to stop the measuring proceedure for the rest of the day. 13 boats are remaining and as long as nothing unexpected happens these 13 boats will be ready and put in water in time for the tune up race Sunday 14.00.
Just now the weatherforcast is promising much better weather Sunday, no rain, only partly sunny, partly cloudy, 20-22 C with moderate wind.
News Aug 14, 14.00
Many of the boats have now passed the measurement precedure and have been launched. Morning started with clouds and a little rain. The temperature is some degrees above +22C and not very windy.
You can find new photos from today here >> Photos 14/8
News Aug 13, 13.30
Registration and Measurement is ongoing today and tomorrow. The weather in Limhamn/Malmö is rather dull today. After a night with rain, thunder and lightning the weather seems to improve. No rain yet and we hope that the sun will come through later.
News August 12, 2010 18.30
        Here are examples of how to expose the equipment to simplify the measuring procedure.
News Aug 12, 2010 18.00
(please use right side of the mouse and click on "open in a new window")
News Aug 12, 2010
News Aug 9, 2010
 Social events have been updated
The City of Malmö will be host for the Opening Dinner on August 15, 2010.

"We have the pleasure to announce that the City of Malmö will be host for the Opening Dinner at the J-24 World Championship 2010 in Malmö. All sailors that will participate in the Regatta will be invited to Malmö Town Hall for dinner, to have fun and meet representatives from Malmö City and Malmö Segel Sällskap, officials and other people involved in the Regatta. This will be a Great Opening of the Championship and an oppertunity to meet everybody that will participate in the Event."

More news Aug 8, 2010

The Midweek Party will be held onboard the ship Prins Bernhard located in the Inner harbour in Malmö. Inner harbour is close to the Central Station on address: Skeppsbron 4.  
News Aug 8, 2010
J/24 World Championship in Malmö - Preparations are on going
>> Read on the blogg "Öresund Regatta"
Here are some hints about what to do and see in Malmö
>> "Turistinfo"
News Aug 7, 2010
Swedish Open starts at Lagunen on Monday 9th august
>> Lagunen's homepage
New version of Notice of Race 2010-08-01
please click here
Arrival and Measurement instructions
>> PDF Document
J/24 Worlds Update July 30 2010
>> Read the latest updates about the Worlds here 
The 2010 J/24 World Championship will be hosted by Malmö Segel Sällskap (MSS) in Sweden on August 13, 2010 - August 20, 2010.